Information About Zone Integration Servers

The purpose of Zone integration Server is to link software systems that manage a School District’s data. This interoperability solution allows the data within each software application to be shared across all applications. Creating a unified system to move data across applications offers tremendous advantages for school management personnel. By moving data quickly and accurately, costly and redundant data entry is eliminated, freeing staff to focus on delivering services directly to students. In addition, because all of the data is based on the same source, changes are distributed quickly. This guarantees that everyone has access to the most current and accurate data available. A portal will be created with an embedded “dashboard” to manage and access key areas within the zone of integration. The purpose of this web based portal is to provide a centralized entry point to all district applications and key data and reports. Zone Inegration encompasses all facets of a district and brings each department closer by increasing the speed of communication, and decreasing the amount of time spent on data entry. Decisions can be made faster, and necessary actions can be carried out more efficiently and effectively. The ultimate purpose of Zone Integration is making it easier to improve the quality of school districts and the education they provide.

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