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StaffEZ is a multipurpose scheduling tool that facilitates effective management of all staff related issues. It has the power to monitor up to the minute activity and real time tracking of all your staff, so you will know exactly when your staff is punching in and out. StaffEZ maintains a pool of available staff and has a shift auctioning system, so you can easily find staff for any shift. You can easily see the number of hours an employee has and, when choosing employees to fill a shift, the most cost efficient available employee is at the top of the list. Each subsequent employee is categorized based on the most cost effective option. With StaffEZ, your staff have the ability to put in their own availability and request time off. If you need to send a particular employee or everyone a message, you can do so and it will be the first thing they see before punching in or out. StaffEZ provides your business, large or small, with the tools to maximize your staff in the most efficient way possible.

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