EZDistrict Portal Information

Being in the information industry, teachers, principals, and other faculty who work so hard to disseminate information to students can appreciate its value. This is the driving force behind EZDistrict Portal implementation. The purpose of this web based portal is to provide a centralized entry point to all district applications, key data and reports. Because everyone within the district has access to pertinent information instantly, informed decisions and necessary actions can be made quicker. Not only can faculty view information updated on the portal, but it also provided a communication platform for teachers and staff within the district to Instant Message. EZDistrict can also be used as a monitoring tool. The user will have the ability to browse or search all published web services in the district regarding key student or staff statistics. Examples of the web services include number of students who are late for school, number of students failing a particular class, new students enrolled during a period of time, etc. With this information, evaluations can be made to rectify any issues the school district has control over, and improvements can be made. The power of information and communication is limitless, and EZDistrict provides the tools to help school districts improve our children's quality of education.

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